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The Festival

Welcome to the new Inside Outside Festival running from the 21-31 March 2022.


Produced by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre the 3rd Inside Outside Festival is showcasing a range of fantastic creative work for all sections of the community including performances by Maiden Voyage Dance Company and Kabosh Theatre Company.

The Festival will involve workshops and demonstrations in art activism, socially engaged journalism  youth dance and professional dance and theatre performances and much more. 


The Festival Hub on East Bridge Street Enniskillen is hosting 2 artistic installations throughout the festival  that everyone can get involved in:     " 6 Days 6 Agreements" and "What does belonging mean to you?"

Find out further details and how to participate via the Events and Tickets tab. 

The Festival has a range of engagement activities for young people from 3 yrs to 18 yrs and beyond. Check out the dance, digital art, journalism and parkour workshops. Find a snap shot below and click on the Events tab to see the full programme. 


Festival ticket and events information are available via the Events and Tickets tab.


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