About Us

Welcome to the Inside Outside Festival. Established by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre during the international health crisis of COVID-19 the festival aspires to connect artists and audiences through a diverse programme of short Arts Performance, Well Being experiences, Discussions events and Participation activities.


The inaugural Inside Outside Festival, is accessed via a range of social media and digital platforms from the 22nd-24th May 2020. We are charging a small entrance fee of £2 to a number of our events. We wish to demonstrate the value of the work, the process of sharing it and of the artists investment in their practice.  

With 23 events we have something for everyone. 4 programmes running online are coloured coded in our ticket/info section: Well Being (Green), Artistic Performances (Blue), Participation Events (Gold), Discussion Programme (Pink). Audiences are invited into the performances with a range of guidance notes from having a beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in hand and taking a comfortable seat, to positioning yourself under the stars or in a darken room.


By following our suggestions we hope to optimism your experience and create the sense of attending an event, despite being at home. 

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