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About Us

Welcome to the second Inside Outside Youth Festival building on the highly successful first Inside Outside Festival established in May 2020 and then our sister Youth Festival in November 2020. 


This year we plan to generate some creative chaos by presenting a range of short pop up events, experiences and performances in person and online. There be events to watch and activities to participate in. We plan to include engagement experiences and workshops to encourage new thinking and creative explorations. 


From music to movement, discussions to design we want to help young people share their creative ideas and talent.


Over the 10 days from the  21st to the 31st of March we will bring together an eclectic programme of performances, presentations and discussions from and with young people across Fermanagh. 

Dance, drama and discussion, music, activism and visual arts, creative chaos and unique experiences, the Inside Outside Youth Festival will provide a dedicated platform for talented local young artists age 15-21. If you are  interested in sharing your artistic work please do contact us. 


The inaugural Inside Outside Festival was established by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre during the international health crisis of COVID-19 the festival was created to connect artists and audiences through a diverse programme of Arts Performance, Well Being experiences, Discussions events and Participation activities.


The Festival, was accessed via a range of social media and digital platforms between the 22nd-24th May 2020. It delivered 23 events over 4 programmes and audiences joined us for across the world to experience creativity in and from Fermanagh. 

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