1. Exit Does Theatre present Hairy Jaysus by Donal O Kelly.  Adapted for the Inside Outside Festival.


Hairy Jaysus is a Biopic of Francis Sheehy Skeffington the Socialist, Pacifist, Feminist.


Skeffington was a pocket size larger than life figure in Irish politics at the beginning of 20th Century


He was born in Cavan Francis Skeffington and took the unique step of taking his wife Hannah Sheehys name after their marriage.


They were both founders of The Irish Womens Franchise League. Which was the umbrella group for Irish suffragists.


Hannah Sheehy Skeffington was Irelands most prominent suffragette.


Skeffy as he was popularly known was friends with many of the characters at the forefront of Irish politics and arts at that time.


Particularly James Joyce who nicknamed him Hairy Jaysus and James Connolly.


During the rising of 1916 Skeffy was wrongly identified as on of the rebel leaders and was executed along with two loyalist Journalist by a Captain Bowen- Colthurst who was court martialed and found guilty of murder.


Hairy Jaysus traces the final days of  Sheehy Skeffington leading up to his murder.


The Piece will be performed by Fermanagh based actor Paddy McEneaney


Exit Does Theatre would like to acknowledge Leitrim County Council and The Glens Arts Centre for their support of this project.


Duration 20 minutes

The is event is hosted by WLW

Friday 22nd - Exit Does Theatre: Hairy Jaysus

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  • 8PM

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