Patricia Martinelli, shares some work from her late husband Jeremy Henderson’s collection. 


"I have selected these 7 pieces as they resonate so clearly a time and place for myself when I spent my first years with Jeremy. 
He was coming out of a dark period and his strong unsettling landscapes of Ireland reflected the troubled land in dark  colours and dramatic skies. This was during the 80s. I met Jeremy in 1993. He began working on Hill of History for a London exhibition. He would have painted these in Fermanagh in Lisbellaw when we first moved back. The landscape became less troubled but his skies still dramatic. His imagery became more vibrant and abstract. During the 90s his work maintained that positive feel about life as it was then. The birth of our daughter influenced some of the imagery and Stories of objects that where found on little islands on Lough Erne. He was enjoying his life back in his homeland."


Jeremy Henderson 1952 2009



Duration 15 minutes 


Host: Ramsey Picture Frames

Saturday 23 - The Colours of Jeremy Henderson

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  • 4PM

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