Land. Holy, promised, grabbed, distributed. Signifier of property, connections, histories, nationalities. Geographies that are constantly changing and humans, trapped in ever shifting boundaries trying to defend our identity. 


But we fail to see there are goods available to all.


Vasiliki is a dance and visual artist based in Belfast, currently completing her MFA in Fine Art at Belfast School of Art.


Duration 10 minutes


Through her work she attempts to question and explore her place in the world from a social and political point of view, by creating performative interventions that take place in a defined space. 


In her work Diamanti Daxtylidi she manipulates and reconfigures footage from the archives of the Greek State Television from the 60’s and the 70’s in order to challenge ideas around borderlines, geographies and national identities, and to create alternative readings on past histories. 

Sunday 24th -Vasiliki Stasinaki: Diamanti Daxtylidi

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  • 730PM

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