The wonderful Arvo Pärts Miserere


One of Arvo Pärt’s main compositions, Miserere (completed in 1989), is one of the most dramatic and contrasting pieces among his tintinnabuli works.


The composer has combined two texts of different origin and form: the prose text of Psalm 50 (51) is interlaced with verses from the Dies irae part of the requiem. Psalm 50 (51) describes King David’s despair over his adultery and blood guilt, and has thus become a symbol of the human contrition of an individual. The text of Dies irae, on the other hand, depicts the Day of Judgement over all of mankind.


Duration 37 minutes

Sunday 24th - Arvo Pärts Miserere

  • This event will be a communal watching and listening experience. Email for further details and to participate in this unique experience. 

  • 10PM

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