This is an audio somatic movement session focusing on releasing tension in and around the muscles of the eyes and promoting deep relaxation throughout the whole body. 


Please ensure you have washed your hands thoroughly prior to the start of the session as you will be bringing your hands over your eyes during the lesson.


You should be lying down or sitting back comfortably. The movement will be small so please wear warm comfortable clothing or cover yourself in a blanket.


Nicola is Artistic Director of Maiden Voyage Dance. 

She has been teaching somatic movement since completing professional training in Somatic Education and Clinical Somatics ten years ago. Somatic Education is a system of neuromuscular education that allows more ease and freedom of movement in our bodies.


Durarion 30 minutes. Live class

Sunday 24th - Well being - Somatics

  • Click on the link here to register for the class via zoom. Once registration has been confirmed you will receive log in details in an email 

  • 11AM

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