Events & Tickets

Festival access is ONLY available via Full Festival Tickets at £10 Adult Price and £5 Student Price. When you purchase the ticket relevant to you, you will receive a document detailing how you will be able to access all of the performances. At the moment the tickets are holding tickets and we will forward information shortly. 

As we confirm the events we are making information available here. You will be able to view information about the separate events by clicking on the relevant link however we will not be selling tickets to individual events so it will state that they are Sold out. Please note this is not the case it just requires that you purchase a Full Festival Tickets if you wish to attend any event. 

Note: Please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom app and registered on Zoom via the link on your tickets in advance for your events.

Dance at Your Desk does not require registration and Conversations NI  Open Space event registration is available via   

Please note performances are short and most have been pre-recorded.